How to save song in vivo z1x?

How to save song in vivo z1x

Youtube to save song > google surch > Snaptube apk download and install > Go to youtube click a video > Go to share option click > Show snaptube icon click > Download option show > audio download or video download.

How to change the ringtone on Vivo Z1x

Changing the ringtone of your Vivo Z1x is essential if you need to personalize your Vivo Z1x. Certainly, you could be tired of the original ringtone of your Vivo Z1x. It truly is therefore possible to modify the ringtone and even to put 1 of your music in ringtone. We will discover 1st the right way to modify the ringing of Vivo Z1x through the parameters. We will discover in a secondary step the method to put 1 of your music in ringitone. Finally, for anyone who wish to go further in personalization, we will discover the right way to set a particular ringtone for a contact.

Tips on how to modify the Vivo Z1x ring tone

Set the ringtone of Vivo Z1x is a quite basic procedure. You will 1st need to go to the Vivo Z1x settings menu . When you are there, go to the Sound tab, and then tap Telephone Ringtone . When you are there, you will find the ringtones that are currently present on the Vivo Z1x. If you wish to know what a ring tone appears like, you just have to choose it to hear an excerpt. After you have found the ringtone you prefer, just check it and validate. In case you do not like the original ringtone of the Vivo Z1x, go to the next step to set 1 of your music as a ringtone.

Tips on how to make music on ringtone on Vivo Z1x

If you need to make 1 of your music your ringtone, you need to transfer this music to a specific folder of your Vivo Z1x. In fact, in order for the music to appear in the list of ringtones available on your Vivo Z1x, you need to put it in the Music folder . To accomplish this, you can actually utilize your computer or the file manager of your Vivo Z1x. Simply paste the music into the Music folder. In case you have no clue how you can do it, check out our guide to copy paste a file onto Vivo Z1x. When done, you should see your music show up in the list of ringtones of Vivo Z1x.

Tips on how to transfer music from your PC to your Vivo Z1x

When you have a DESKTOP type DESKTOP, you will observe that it is super easy to transfer music to your Vivo Z1x. You will have to utilize the USB cable you employ to recharge the Vivo Z1x. After you have it, you must connect the cellphone to the computer. When ever done, you should observe the Vivo Z1x appear among the removable disks. To access it, simply go to the workstation of your DESKTOP. All you need to do is copy the music from your DESKTOP to your Vivo Z1x. We suggest you to create a certain directory for your music in order to locate them more quickly on your Vivo Z1x. Once it’s done, you simply have to use a music player to play the music transferred to your Vivo Z1x.

Tips on how to transfer music from your Mac to your Vivo Z1x

When you have a Mac, the music transfer is almost identical to that on a PC. In truth, you had to have the Vivo Z1x power cable and connect it to your Mac. Once this is done you should observe your Vivo Z1x appear in the list of devices left in the Finder . All you need to do is copy your music to the folder of your choice and it’s done. Your music is then transferred from your Mac to your Vivo Z1x.

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