Tips for writing entrepreneurship board all examination paper.

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All Class  Entrepreneurship Preparation Tips

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Entrepreneurship Preparation Tips : Entrepreneurship program is being offered in various courses to aid students to build up a business mind and to make them efficient to work in business oriented firms. The program focuses on the basic essentials of business theory. This course aims in providing students knowledge about the different facets of entrepreneurship like risk taking, problem solving etc. so that they can become entrepreneurs in the future.
Development of school curriculum is a dynamic process responsive to the society and reflecting the needs and aspiration of its learners. Fast changing society deserves changes in educational curriculum particularly to establish relevance to emerging socio-economic environment; to ensure equity of opportunity and participation and finally promoting concern for excellence. In this context the course on entrepreneurship aims at instilling and stimulating human urge for excellence by realizing individual potential for generating and putting to use the inputs, relevant to social prosperity and thereby ensure decent means of living for every individual.

New Delhi: CBSE Class 12 exams will start next month and students must be searching for last minute tips for sailing through one of the major exams in their life. In article about CBSE class 12 examination preparation strategies, we are discussing about Business Studies. "Business Studies is one of the most important subjects for commerce students and it is often undervalued," says Ms.Vaneet Kaur, PGT Business studies and Entrepreneurship, GD Goenka PublicSchool. 

"Gone are the days when Business studies involved mere rote learning.Now,the question paper is more of case studies, value based and knowledge based and indirect, rather than direct and simple questions," she added. 

Ms Kaur also said Business Studies is a subject where sometimes simple and rational sense can make up for a short lived memory lapse.

In her opinion, simply cramming answers won't be of any use now. "It is very essential for students to practice case studies as many as they can. Students must focus on presentation of their answers," she said.

According to Ms Kaur, here are some tips to help you answer the questions in the best way possible:
Step by step Question and answer meaning First 1, 2,3, 4, Serial by serial.
All Question Attend.

1. Utilise first 15 minutes (reading time) in the best possible way. Analyse what you know the best and read complete questions carefully.

2. Highlight the main points or key words within each question and read the question correctly.

3. You may write what you know the best. You should always write those points first of which you are sure about.

4. Write your answers in points ONLY - This is the best way to present your answer well and certainly helps you to fetch maximum marks.

5. Present your answers with the help of illustrations like charts, graphs and cartoons. This would definitely give a better impression and help you to present your answers in a better way.

6. Do not extend word limits while answering, because putting main points forward is important.

7. Underlining the key points or key words is one of the most useful devices to bring attention of the examiner. Always underline to highlight main points of your answers.

8. Make sure you attempt all questions. Even if you are unsure of any answer, there might a possibility of getting some marks rather than not attempting it at all

9. Use examples where necessary.

10. Always make sure you attempt distinguish with the help of basis.

11. Do not to forget to write process in sequence- also take help of a FLOWCHART always to explain any process.

12. Try to write sub points as given in NCERT book.

13. For questions related to extract, quote the given extract in the question for clarity.

Eg: question:  "Internal sources of recruitment are better than external sources" Explain any five reason in support of this statement. (5 Marks)

Ans: Internal sources of recruitment are better than external sources in following respects : (Write 5 points with explanation)

14. In question where process or steps are asked , write all points irrespective of  3, 4, 5 or 6 marks question (explanation may vary according to marks) Follow the proper sequence. 

15. In questions like......  "Directing is the heart of management process" Do you agree? Give four reasons in support of your answer(5 Marks) . Do not forget to start answer with your view- because that is what is being asked.

Ans: Yes, I agree that Directing is the heart of management process. The reasons are......  (Write 5 points with explanation)