Adwords Overview

Discovery Mosti

Google AdWords or pay per click is a digital marketing strategy that involves paying google for listings at the top of their search results. This form of marketing is very risk/reward. What you are doing is bidding on certain keywords that once your ad is clicked on buy a user, will cost you a fee. What you are hoping for is that the click converts into a sale so you make your money back along with a profit. 

Anyone can go ahead and create a Google AdWords campaign for their business, but not everyone understands how to manage a campaign or set the correct budgets etc. If you have any experience with AdWords at all then you may have seen the Google AdWords express option. This is a service that Google offers for people who either don't know how to manage their campaign or don't want to. Google will automatically set your account up for you and spend your money as they see fit.

This is one of the worst things you can do with your AdWords campaign, Google at the end of the day makes a whole lot of money through their AdWords service and it's within their best interests that you spend as much money as possible using the service. 

Creating your own AdWords campaign with an appropriate budget and keywords you will earn yourself a lot more money and save some along the way. 

This Course will show you a step by step guide on how I would go about setting up a Pay Per Click campaign. It is very easy to spend money on Google AdWords with no return on investment, my guide is going to help you set up your campaign correctly so that you actually generate business from the money that you spend on the service. 

Keyword Research Tool

Before you do anything I would suggest you get a keyword research tool, for example something like Serpstat does the trick. Serpstat currently have a FREE package which is useful if you are only looking for a handful of queries or a package at $49 for up to 1000 queries per day. At that type of price, it is a low price for a tool that is well developed and will help you with keyword research. As well as doing research on your competitors you can see what your competitors rank for in organic search as well as paid advertising, the tool even shows you what your competitor's ad looks like and it also gives you an idea on the average CPC ( Cost Per Click ).

So sign up for a FREE account with Serpstat to do some initial Keyword Research so that you can pick, say 10 to 20 keywords just for initial set up of your PPC campaign.

There is an alternative to Serpstat which is called SEMRush, this has been a tool that many SEO and PPC consultants have used for years and it is a very good tool that I use daily. SEMRush is a tool that is constantly updating and is becoming a more all-around SEO and Competitor analysis tool. With this tool you can see what your competitors are doing on PPC, see what their ads are like and what keywords they are bidding on.

The keyword research that SEMRush provides is invaluable as it will give you the monthly search volume on each keyword and an average cost per click price which is pretty handy when you are doing PPC.

Not only this but SEMRush have their own PPC tool that allows you to pretty much set up your entire campaign on it, which can then be exported and imported directly into Google Adwords. I'll go into more detail about that tool later in the course.

First things first, Setting up your AdWords Account.

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