How to set up your account

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Setting up your Account

To get started on AdWords you first need to create yourself an account. All you need for this is a google account which you will have if you use anything like Gmail, google analytics, YouTube etc. 

To begin, click on the sign in button on the top right-hand corner. 

AdWords will then try and take you through a kind of setup wizard. Here you will need to enter your email address along with your website URL. Once you've done this you will potentially be taken to a page that introduces you to Adwords Express. As I mentioned previously in the last section, this is something you want to avoid as you will end up spending a whole load of unnecessary money.

So if you are seeing this page, click on the little link at the top that says "Compare AdWords Express with Adwords" this will let you change it back to the standard AdWords set up. 

Now that you are back to the normal setup which you can take up to the level you are getting there which you can take to the core. Once you are back into the normal setup its time to start setting up your first campaign. 

The budget of your campaign is entirely up to you, it is determined on a per day basis, so if you decide to spend £20 a day for example, then you are spending £600 a month on your PPC campaign. After this, you set the location that your company is based in and whether you'd like the ad to show on both the search results and Google partners (These are websites that have google ads placed within the sidebars etc.) 

Next up is the keywords that you want to bid on. Once you type in a keyword you'll be given the search popularity for them. What you should do here is try to make your keywords as specific as you can to begin with. It's a lot easier to start with a tighter campaign and expand it to pick up more keywords than starting with a broad campaign and spending all of your budgets really quickly. 

Next up is setting your maximum bids for your keywords. You can either get AdWords to automatically do all that stuff for you or you can manually bid set your budget. In this example, I'm setting the budget to £2 per click. 

Now it's time to write your ad. 

Landing page - This is the URL of the page that you want the user to land on when they click on your ad.

Headline 1 - This is the most prominent piece of your ad. You want this headline to be straight to the point and grab the attention of the users. 

Headline 2 - This is the second line that you also want to grab attention, Ideally this one reads well both on it's on and together.

Description - The Description is where you can get into a little more detail about what your ad is for. You have a character limit of 80 on your ad and you want to make every word count. Try and include a keyword in here along with mentioning relevant prices and offers if you can.

Now that your first campaign is all set up it's time to head to the payment section.

You will need to enter your payment information before you can start editing the campaign fully. The above steps were you setting up your account for basic use. Now that you have done all of that you are now ready to tweak your campaign and set it up properly. 

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