Internal Link structure

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The internal linking structure of your website is quite important. This isn't done to make you rank well though, it's about getting Google to crawl and index the pages that you have on the website.

Some of your inner pages will not be sitting on your main navigation bar which is why it's then important to have a good internal linking structure so that when Google gets to your website and starts to crawl, it will get to those other pages using links that appear within pages etc. This will then lead Google to your blog posts and deep pages within your website. It's common knowledge that the bots and spiders from the search engines can easily come and go from your website as and when they want, so it's important you make it as easy for them as possible.

They could crawl your page, go to a link of one of our suppliers, crawl that site and end up miles away from your website, missing your blog posts and anything else that you have recently added. If you want to rank well you want the search engines to pick up your pages and posts quickly, the quicker the better.

Below is an example of a paragraph that will have Good internal linking:

We offer SEO training courses to our customers offering helpful information for people who want to learn how to do SEO, with beginners courses right up to courses set up for advanced users. We cover all topics with videos and helpful information designed to help you understand SEO. We also have a blog section that will help you pick up the latest tips and updates on all things SEO. With SEO changing all the time it's really important that people have the most up to date information there is out there and that's what we aim to provide."

Now the above is only a small example but what we have done there is, if Google crawl that paragraph they will also be pushed towards one of the training courses pages, and the blog section which has 5 other pages with new content on it. It will then be able to crawl our latest news section with ease and if that content is unique which of course it is then it will index it and rank it accordingly.

It is really important that you have a good internal linking structure on your website, you don't need links on every page or article, however if there are new pages or information you want Google to get to then you can use this method to get them onto the page in question.

Now there's another thing that can make crawling your site a whole lot easier which is called a sitemap. A sitemap stores every single one of your pages on one page usually with the URL /sitemap.xml at the end of the domain. 

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