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Discovery Mosti Right guys, so just a video on how to do keyword research. Keyword research is obviously important to make sure that you're targeting the right keywords for the website that you're working on. Now there are some free tools and there are some paid tools that you can use. Now one of the free tools would be, and you can install that for Google Pro Chrome, or Firefox. And it's a free tool, it's not something that's updated on an everyday basis, or anything like that. But it does give you an idea of whether search term gets any search volume or not.

Some of the tools, or if most of you are doing SEO you will have heard of Ahrefs, or SEMrush, which are the tools that I'm going to show you how to do research on. But whether you use a free tool, or manually if for example, it was dentists, Glasgow was the search term that you wanted to rank for, you can manually look at people's title tags, which is the big blue part here. And you'll be able to see the keywords that they're targeting. So you can see people are going for dentist, Glasgow dentists and then their brand name, pain-free dentistry, NHS dentist in Glasgow, and so on.

So you can manually check that stuff out, but you don't get any keyword volume data as to see how many people are searching for those terms. So, that's where a tool like Keywords Everywhere would come in. That will give you a Google Chrome extension, and it will give you an idea on the search volume, but the best data comes from tools like SEMrush, or Ahrefs. So I'm going to use them as the main example. 

So for example, if I was to stick in a keyword word here up at the top, keywords overview, make sure you select the right database for the country that you target. And so obviously there are loads of countries on SEMrush, you can select the correct database and then put your keyword, dentist, Glasgow. And it will show you that there's 24 different phrase matched keywords. So I'm just going to open that up. And what it will show you is the keywords there and the total search volume. So the volume part is the monthly search volume that a keyword gets. And you'll see that dentist, Glasgow gets 2,400 monthly searches. But overall, containing all of these keywords here, the total volume is 8,690, and it's got a very low difficulty score. So, that would tell you that dentists in Glasgow are not the most outrageously competitive search terms out there.

Now that's in broad match, you can obviously filter this down to phrase match, or exact match to get the keywords that you're looking for. It's also going to have related keywords, which is a new feature, which doesn't appear to be working just yet, or it's not found any data, but with Zen Rush there's always adding new things here. But the main thing you're looking at here is the keywords and the search volume, that's the most important part. 

Obviously it will give you an average cost per click as well for anyone who is looking to do any kind of paid search. And you'll see here levels of competition is there, SERP features that appear in the search results for a given keyword, obviously it will show you whether it's knowledge panel and images, or whether it's just local pack, or whatever it's going to show you that information as well. And it's also going to show you the results, the number of URLs displayed in the organic search. 

So whether that's 6 million competing pages, or whatever it may be. And obviously that isn't something that's no, means that you can't do the job dentist, Glasgow because it's got 6 million competing URLs doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it. So I would ignore that last thing there, being honest. But that is basically how you do keyword research.

Now you can also with tools like SEMrush put in. So I'm just going to grab one of the top dentists in Glasgow. So we'll just grab this guy here. So what you can do is put his URL in, and you can see that he ranks for 421 keywords. You can see his organic position distribution. So he's got 34 plus 18. So he's got just under 60, or just over 50 sorry, keywords on page one, the rest of these are all on page two, but you can see all these organic keywords here. And we can open this up by clicking full report, and see all of the keywords he's got and search volumes attached to those keywords. 

We can also see the estimate of how difficult those keywords are. And you can also see the average cost per click in US Dollars there as well. You can see the page URL that he ranks well for as well, and stuff like that. So, as I say, you can scroll through this, you can see all of his page one, position one, two, three, four, five, and do a whole load of keyword research, just plucking keywords that this guy ranks for and apply them to your own business.

So you can do the full competitor analysis, or you can simply go into the dashboard and put in the keywords here. And it doesn't matter whether it's Glasgow, London or anywhere else in the world. That data will churn up. And it's similar with Ahrefs, another great tool, and again if I put that same guy in. I'm just going to go to dashboard and do that. It's going to show me his backlink profile. It's going to show me the organic search. So the organic search tab, which you can see here, is the one that we want to be looking at. And obviously, you can select the UK just under that there. 

So you can see that on Ahrefs it's showing 639 keywords, it's showing you the volume, the position, the URL, and everything else. And obviously, it can show you the SERP as well. So it will show you who is in position one, two, three, four. And obviously what's quite cool with this tool is it will also show you the backlinks and stuff from this dashboard and stuff like that to give you a gauge as to what's going on. So there are multiple tools out there that you can get this keyword research done using, but what I would always say is do your keyword research, it's really important because you don't want to be targeting keywords that are not necessarily the best choice.

So a lot of people may go for dentists, London, but dentist London is the biggest search volume. So it's always important to make sure that the keywords are targeted properly and it'll give you an idea of everything whether it's longtailed keywords or very specific keywords you'll be able to get all the average volume numbers here. So SEMrush is probably one of the best in My Go-To Tool for keyword research. But it's entirely up to yourself, there's as I say, other tools out there, there are a few free ones, and people use Ahrefs, whatever one works well for you, or whatever one you've got a subscription to is the best choice to use.

So that is how you do keyword research. It's very simple and easy and it's the volume that you're looking for. So make sure that you do your research properly and obviously that will help you get some decent traffic to your website, and it's a great starting point to then go on to everything else

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