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What is mobile friendly?

In 2018 it's so important that your website is mobile friendly. Google has a separate database for their mobile users, what this means is you may have amazing rankings on Google when people search for you on their desktop or laptop but when they search on mobile it might be different. As we all know, in today's day and age there are more and more people who would much rather just search on their mobile devices. What I mean by this is a website should have a mobile version that is only displayed when someone uses a mobile device or tablet. On most modern website templates, they will automatically be mobile responsive. If you are working with a custom build sit, you will want to check to see if it is. 

How do I know my site is mobile friendly?

There are a few different ways you can check to see if your site is mobile friendly, the most obvious one is to use a mobile device to see what displays when you enter the website. You may also want to check this on a tablet as well as it may only show the mobile site for devices of phone size. Another way that you can check is to simply click and drag your browser to make it smaller and see what kind of change it makes. If the site takes mobile form then your site is good to go. If not then you'll need to create a mobile version.

A mobile-friendly site doesn't need to be costly, for example if you are using a CMS like WordPress then you can get plugins that will create one for you for free. It doesn't allow for the greatest amount of customisation but it will give you what Google wants to see before it considers ranking you on their mobile search engine. If you have a custom build then you may have to contact whoever developed the site and ask them to create one which will then cost you money depending on how much you want to charge. 

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

Above is an example of the differences on the 'pepsi' website. As you can see the navigation bar that appears on the desktop version has been replaced with a drop-down menu on the mobile one. The latest news section that showed 3 on the desktop now only shows one on the mobile with a little slider menu. These touches all help make the site easier to navigate on a mobile device and Google takes this into consideration. 

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