Title Tags and Meta Description

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Meta Data for each page

In the video you will have seen that I mentioned something about what is called a 'meta description' this is a small bit of text you will see under a website on the search results.

A meta description has recently changed allowing up to 320 characters to be shown before Google then cuts it off. Try and sell your service that the page targets in the meta description because when people search Google for a term they will be faced with similar to the image below and will see snippets of information on each website. At the present time it isn't clear whether people read them that much but something there may catch someone's eye so it's worth filling out properly. The meta description will only serve that purpose and is not a major ranking factor so don't waste too much time on it but overall it is certainly worth filling out well.

 Meta Keywords

If you use keywords you will see your metadata in a similar fashion to the image below.

Again Google doesn't really use this as a ranking factor but people will still read it so if you fill it out and put in the correct details for each page, then you are further showing Google what you wish to target. Filling this out won't push you higher up Google so don't go ramming it full of keywords, just put in the keywords relevant to the page in question and then move onto the next step.

What we suggest you do at this point is go to your own website and check that your keywords are targeted on it. If not, then go and add some pages or blog posts to target those keywords and we would be more than happy to do so. I would recommend that you carry out the on-page stuff instantly. 

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